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Press release on international Seminar

press release on International Conference T.A.T.I. Saturday 9 February

Saturday February 9, 2013 9.30 p.m. in the Hall of Palazzo Vecchio Meetings will be presented the European T.A.T.I. Project – adult Trainer Training of children-aimed at parents, grandparents and operators of childcare. The project aims to identify those lessons that can lead adults to have more attention to small, in the sense of being more adapted to their needs. Caters specifically to immigrants and wants to compare the reality of departure with arrival, in this case Romania and Turkey.
will be present, along with Alderman Stefania Saccardi-Welfare, labour policies, international cooperation, assets and home-and Dr. Roberto Leonetti, Director of the mental health Department of ASL 10, even Dr. Salvi, Director of social services of the municipality and the T.A.T.I. international representation, coordinated by the Association GRUF – Research Group at the University level. In particular, will make a brief speech the Mayor of the Town of Fagaras (Romania), Sorin Manduc. Expects a participation of immigrant families, social promotion associations and interested volunteers and operators of childhood services. The T.A.T.I., has been funded by European National Agency LLP Grundtvig extent and will conclude in 2014.
intends to collect good practices for training adults already used in the territories of the partners and aims to support and strengthen them with experimentation-by the Association of psycho-education-GRUF combined principles of montessori method. This testing will begin in Italy and will be repeated in Romania and Turkey, adapting it to the specific fact whose elements will be identified through focus-group to be developed within the project.
it as part of the commune of Florence to apply in future psicoeducativo-montessori method on adults, be they trainers or educators or parents/grandparents who deal somehow. In this way the city of Florence consolidates its presence in the Italian and European landscape, in the field of defence and, training of minors, especially if in distress.
For information on the services already in place and further developments, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

T.A.T.I. in TV (Valcea, Romania)

Television broadcasting from the University

T.A.T.I. Project was presented at the University "Constantin Brancoveanu Pitesti" and took over by the local Romanian TV.
The program was "Familia incotro?", "family, where do we go?" and has been debated for two hours.

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1st International Seminar T.A.T.I. Florence - 7-8-9 working days in the month of February

Here you can find the detailed program of activities for partner meetings on days 7 - 8 - 9 February.

Followed by a meeting on Feb. 9 throughout the day in the morning at the Palazzo Vecchio (Piazza della Signoria, Florence).

Click here to download the program (PDF)

Focus Group in Florence

The Focus Group was attended by all the partners.

The focus group was founded originally as a technique used in social research in order to arrive at understand the attitudes, behaviors and meanings of actors about a certain topic of analysis (Focus): the researcher's task is to promote discussion and direct it towards the issues considered most interesting for the object of study. Through this technique very much based on the freedom of expression of members group may happen that often arise aspects of the topic discussed not yet considered by scholar.

Foto del focus group

1st International Seminar T.A.T.I. Florence - Conference February 9, 2013 at the Palazzo Vecchio

On February 9, 2013 will be held at the hall of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence the first Conference TATI.

There will be all the partners of TATI coordinated by Gruf and hosted the historic structure of the Municipality of Florence in order to organize and share together the path to take. The Partnership TATI collect over the next two years, a collection of best practices training for adults who have children in load. This is the service operators, parents and grandparents, especially those who are in trouble or work difficulties.

The goal is to identify educational strategies suited to teach adults as the child grows in a natural and self-regulating, compensating in this way, the difficulties encountered in its path of growth: poverty, neglect, marginalization, migration, language difficulties, and so on.

Asociatia INTERNATIONALA BELL Montessori
Gül ve Özel Bahcesi Rehberlik Rehabilitasyon Merkezi

The event will begin at 9:30 am and end at 13:30.

To join or request information, please contact:

@: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: +39 328 8179892

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