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The partnership aims to provide a set of best practices for trainers of those adults - teachers, parents, grandparents, family members - who have, in difficult situations, engage in educational and care with children 0-10 years. The aim is to encourage trainers to create training services can put in a position operators, teachers, parents, grandparents, family members to act successfully on the education of children.

The context is that of migrants, seen in the country of departure and arrival. Firstly, the problems are those that emerge from the educational management of children away from their parents (s) may rebel adults who took them over (ii) may become depressed because of the distance (iii) may feel abandoned and / or be truly free means (iv) may even get sick. Secondly, the problems are those of migrant children who remain close to their parents but then experience a cultural context alien, hostile. It is therefore of children who (i) speak a different language (ii) have academic difficulties (iii) grow in marginal areas where they are concentrated problematic situations (iv) have few opportunities for integration into the social fabric (v) experience of marginalization by their peers. Here are the trainers of trainers adults (teachers, parents, family members) should be of interest to these problems when they intend to act effectively on the formation of these adults "educators". The strategy appears to be better, from our point of view, is to make a survey of the surrounding area and, within certain limits, to identify national training plans have already been tested or experimentation. Check the results and organize a field-testing by each partner. Report or in progress or at the next meeting on the progress. Produce reports on the results of the meetings and make them public through the website. Finally produce a "collection of good practices" selected based on the successes that have followed the trials, such as the linguistic and social integration of children and reduce the discomfort school. In any case, the criteria are easily data from the improvement of the problems listed in points (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) above.

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