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The partnership TATI

The TATI project involves five partners: Gruf (coordinator), the City of Florence, Asociatia Internationala BELL Montessori, Asociatia PROFAMILIA Valcea, Özel Gül Bahcesi Rehberlik you Rehabilitasyon Merkezi.

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Logo Gruf

Gruf is a NON-PROFIT registered with the Association of Associations of Social Promotion of the province of Florence.


The Association was founded on 28 October 1987 and reconstituted 16 June 2001. It engages in educational, training and scientific study. In particular, research in the field of biology is through laboratory of experimental psychology developed with the Montessori Method and widespread in Europe through the European Project BELL (children, ethology, laboratories, longitudinal) Comenius-C 2.1 n. 129454-CP-1-2006-EN-(2006-2009).


He also works in the field of mental health, education, psychology, neurology. All activity is documented in the publications listed in the curriculum, which can be downloaded by clicking here. The purpose of the Association is the dissemination of the scientific method and the development of services for social innovation, the results of which can be validated by refery of recognized experts.


Gruf has worked for over twenty years with public and private agencies and participates in European projects on training of adults and children. In the role of project coordinator and the partners has the task of guiding, harmonizing the work of all, the activities planned in the work plan. Work in the historic center of Florence, an area characterized by a significant presence of immigrants foreign-EU and non-EU-. The presence often leads to social tensions, which is not easy to intervene. Gruf - along with local institutions and other voluntary associations-implements social integration policies aimed at families and children in need.



Logo Comune di Firenze

The City of Florence is a local governmental body that represents their community, care of the interests of its citizens and promotes the development of their area.
The main tasks of a local authority are:
1. planning;
2. traffic and transport;
3. protection of the environment and cultural heritage;
4. health;
5. the school;
6. security;
7. vocational training;
8. economic development.
Organs of the City of Florence are the mayor, the council, the City Council, the Ombudsman, and the Board of Auditors.
The Mayor is the head of the Committee and represents the population of Florence in the World. The Council is steering control political - administrative municipality of Florence. It consists of councilors.
The Statute establishes the rules of functioning of municipal bodies. The Articles of Association are the rules of operation of the administrative, legislative and executive, the regulation of offices and services, forms of citizen participation in community life, the procedures for delegating the districts and the procedures for admission to the acts and administrative information . Thus, the statute is the basic document of the administration of a local authority because this act establishes the rules of its structural setting.


The Association formed by psychologists, people with experience in the field of preschool education and adult education specialists intends to promote research projects with scientific validity and training activities dedicated to the spread of scientific thinking and scientific methodology in general and that concerning Montessori method in particular.
- promotes and encourages training activities, training and development of knowledge of individual operators, members or not, are included here operators in the education sector;
- promotes training activities dedicated to the spread of scientific thinking and scientific methodology in general, and / or methodology and specific results from research studies belonging to their members and other researchers;
- promotes editorial activities, even electronic or otherwise, dedicated to spread scientific thinking, the methodology in general, specific research or ideas invented or species of interest and scientifically validated;
- promotes the production activities of educational materials and furniture for research laboratories dedicated to the spread of scientific thinking and methodology, specific research;
- ensures the development of a network of links with other associations, individuals, institutions, universities and professional groups in accordance with the statute of the Association.

The Association runs a Study Center for students, operators and parents that functions also as a Research Center (B.E.L.L. scientific laboratory where B.E.L.L. stands for "Bambini Etologia Laboratori Longitudinali") on evolution related issues based on Montessory methodology. It also offers training for BELL specialists that are supposed to be able to:
- reorganize the entire BELL training,
- completely build a Bell Laboratory (part for adults and children)
- correctly apply the Montessori method for children.
- organize, from a scientific point of view, the functioning of the BELL Laboratory both for the scientific equipment and for the organization of services.
It works in an enviroment with a large emigration that determines great difficulties for grandparents and other relatives. In fact they must live with children without their parents.


ASOCIAȚIA PROFAMILIA VÂLCEA (APV) is an organization, born from the informal local group "We care" following the aims of RENINCO-Romania and Education Minister. We are active, supportive, able to offer support to our beneficiaries.
Our mission is to enhance and support individuals and families for a healthy community. APV's members are teachers and parents interested in the integration of children/youth people into community. We participated in some projects. The most important fact is that our members are willing to work professional in the field of integration and for value the family in Europe.APV is accredited in counseling to provide advice and information to families and all interested people. We work as volunteers for this. The statute has preview activities regarding families / people into community, local area, country and Europe. General Objectives:1.Promoting and defend human rights in the community, 2.Supporting social integration and societal responsibility in an inclusive community, 3.Preventing and interventions in crisis situations to protect the family and its members, 4.Promoting human/family values in a European context. Our beneficiaries are people from community, accorded to our goals. Until now, we have had as beneficiaries disabled children at risk of dropping out. Also among the beneficiaries are the families who have disabled children. Related at this project and in accord with our objectives, we will work through a partnership, for a better support and ways of actions. Our partner is Valcea County Centre of Resources and Educational Assistance, CJRAE, an educational institution specialized in offering, coordinating and monitoring/evaluating specific educational services granted to children/students, parents and members of community in order to provide everybody access to quality education, as well as assistance required in this particular domain. Also CJRAE is offering trainings for teachers, parents and other persons. It is working at County level. At national level, every county has a CJRAE, so in Romania we have a net of specialized persons regarding integration, inclusion, support activities, trainings, data base. its departments are:Speech therapy, Psycho-pedagogical assistance, School mediators for minorities, Commission for school and professional orientation.
Our partnership allow us to access in its departments and support us to develop activities in mainstream schools.

Özel Gül Bahçesi Rehberlik ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi

Logo Ozel Gul BahcesiAt Istanbul-Tuzla in 2006, there is a pioneer in special education and training of the rehabilitation. It is our Institute. It offers to disabilities children, a special education and various rehabilitation services.

It works with physically handicapped but able to learn: Dawn Syndrome, School Failure, Family therapy. It uses the adult formation to improve the quality of the interventions.
For Individuals who need special education and rehabilitation, it offers free training provided by the Ministry of Education.
The transportation in our services is free of charge.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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