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The purpose of the TATI project is to identify lessons to be effective educators in difficulty, ie educational practices that have obtained good results.

The increased migration within the European Community is causing growing problems in the countries of origin of migrants and their host countries. A hot spot is "the education of children." The problem is not only the migrant of the European Community. However, to address the issue in the European context can give us positive solutions for migrants from non-European countries.

Among the participants in the project include Romania and Turkey, countries of emigration. It happens more and more often to the departure of one or both parents, the children are completely abandoned or stay with grandparents and family. They become so 'without being able educators. Teachers and childhood must immediately deal with this situation. The forecast is not so good especially if we observe the behavior of adolescents raised in these conditions.

It 'absolutely necessary and effective training for these teachers.

Even in countries of immigration in this project-Italy-educators are facing serious problems, even if they are different from the previous ones. Here we are in fact serious difficulties of educational and social integration and children are at high risk of serious marginalization.

The purpose of the TATI project is to identify a sample of effective educational training to be given to educators in difficulty. We want to find that educational practices that have obtained good results using (i) the formation of LLP projects (ii) formations already tested in each country partners, and (iii) a test training in each country.

The results will be placed in the "Collection of Good Practices", published on the site.

The added value of Europe. Only in a transnational project all partners, going beyond the one-sided reality of their local and national, will realize the complexity of the problems and improve the effectiveness of their strategies.

The European added value is given in the first place by mutual knowledge of ways and means that in the territories of the partners are taken to provide adequate training for adults who for various reasons caring for children aged 0-10, who live in a difficult situation due to the emigration of their parents. The comparison between those working in the areas of migration (Romania and Turkey) v / s the Immigration (Italy), together with a shared testing of interventions monitored during the project, will enrich the quality of work of all partners and build a model can also be used in other regions with the same characteristics.

In particular, the involvement of users-not only teachers and health workers, but also parents 'nonni'-in focus groups and in the "training trials" (see D 4), will provide' valuable inputs to all partners relation to their needs and their expectations.

Particularly significant in this context is the contribution of the Italian partner 'City of Florence'. Florence fact, for at least thirty years, has developed a comfort level with regard to migrant workers, experimenting with strategies aimed at fostering positive results, especially in the field of combating early school leaving and social care. His experience will be a useful point of comparison for partners in Romania and Turkey, countries, especially the former, from which in recent years most of the immigrants.

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